Conversation with Zuzanna Wach-Skrabel  on human factor in  tech teams

Conversation with Zuzanna Wach-Skrabel on human factor in tech teams

  • 2022-05-27
  • Maciej Szczerba

This is the fourth episode of the podcast on technology and the impact of technology on our both social and economical lives, hosted by Maciej Szczerba.

In this episode Maciej speaks with Zuzanna Wach-Skrabel. Zuzanna is a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition. In recent times Zuzanna is transferring into coaching and it becomes Zuzanna’s core activity.


In the interview, Maciej and Zuzanna discuss:

Are problems in IT mostly solved outside of IT area? (1:18)

Soft skills that are mostly missed among IT people (1:55

What skills can be trained and how it can be done (4:22)

Up-skilling problems in companies  (5:52)

Are IT managers open to coaching ?  (7:37)

The challenges of being a  coach (8:50)

Junior developers on the market - the challenges, the attitude (12:00)

The impact of  the war  on people at work   (21:00)

Working in multicultural teams - lessons learned   (25:30)

Salary level vs. purchasing power of the location where one lives (33:50)

The most common  hiring mistakes when  hiring for managerial positions (38:20)

Current well-being policies at companies   (46:30)


Zuzanna Wach-Skrabel  on Linkedin 

Maciej Szczerba on Linkedin  

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